Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Hope For Mesothelioma Treatment

New Hope For Mesothelioma Treatment

A new treatment protocol for mesothelioma has yielded impressive results in the first patient of a Nashville-based clinic, NeoPlas Innovation.

The patient, a woman aged 40+ who caught mesothelioma for being exposed to asbestos in her childhood, underwent this new treatment, when standard treatments for mesothelioma couldn’t stop or slow the progression of her cancer.

Introduced by NeoPlas Innovation, the new mesothelioma treatment protocol, where interferon and lovastatin were used in combination, led to a significant clinical improvement in the patient, and the cancer got stabilized. CT scans revealed that the largest of the tumors had substantially regressed in size.

The same treatment protocol has also yielded promising results in combating various other aggressive cancers, researchers noted.

“These are early results from one patient, so no conclusions can be drawn yet,” says, in a press release, Dr. Stephen B. Cantrell, director of research at NeoPlas Innovation, adding, “Mesothelioma is so relentless and uniformly fatal, though, that being able to stop its growth and spread is very exciting.”

Lovastatin, a drug used for reducing lipid level in humans, has significant effects against mesothelioma cells, according to the previous research. Keeping this in account, researchers at the NeoPlas Innovation introduced a precisely timed regimen for mesothelioma, by combining lovastatin with low-dose interferon.

The new mesothelioma treatment was well tolerated, and the only adverse reaction found after the treatment was fatigue, the researchers noted.

"The key to moving from the lab to success in humans has been taking a fresh look and finding the right medicines to combine," Dr. Cantrell comments, in the press release, adding: "When we have administered a precisely timed regimen of low-dose interferon with lovastatin, the results have been surprising."

By: Dr Sanjit Bagchi
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