Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 3 Mesothelioma Treatment Options

Top 3 Mesothelioma Treatment Options by Husseiny Shahin

Mesothelioma, very interested word nowadays, it will has more interests in the future so, we should know more and more about this type of cancer. As I write before, this type of cancer is very rare but in the same time it very dangerous and should be diagnosed then treated very fast.

This mesothelioma can be developed in the pleura, peritoneum and pericardium, as these parts are the most effected parts in the body. The tumors of this cancer take so long time to be appeared and observed.

After the appearing of tumors, the doctors have the decision to choose the most suitable method to treat mesothelioma, there are three main methods for treatment. The first method is the surgery option, the second method is the drug option and the third one is the chemotherapy option.

With the chemotherapy option, doctors will use some kind of drugs that can kill the cancer cells. With the radiation option doctors may use some radiation instruments to produce some kinds of radiations that have the ability of killing the cancer cells too.

In the surgery option the doctors may cut of a small part of the affected tissue for testing then they may have to remove a larger part or even the whole organ especially with the very late cases of mesothelioma cancer.

Finally, you should consult your doctor to decide which method is more suitable than the other. Doctors may also make a combination between three two options from the option that I have mentioned above.

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